New Camera!

Time to jump for joy! We got our camera back! Actually we got a new one šŸ˜‰

*Happy Dance*


Rainy Days

Today was such a rainy day. I’m still waiting on our camera to come home from service/cleaning. Ā I did get a new job today, so I can’t complain too much. lol.

The rain just gave today a blah tone. I decided to use this photo today because it’s such a sunny yellow. Who cares if it’s raining outside when you have something so sunny to look at inside. Just sayin’… I hope I brightened your day too…

Life’s A Happy Song

I’m currently trying to figure out if the love of my life is a very manlyĀ MuppetĀ or aĀ MuppetĀ of a man. Ā Either way he still made me smile as he serenaded me this morning with “Life’s A Happy Song” from theĀ MuppetĀ movie. Ā Even when I’m down he can always make me smile.

Lifeā€™s a happy song, when thereā€™s someone by my side to sing along…